About This Project

In Les Marines Dénia, on the actual Estañó point, in the centre of the bay formed by the mouth of the Alberca and Girona rivers, and softened by the southwest winds, there stands the Noguera Mar Hotel. The origin of this business goes back to an inheritance that Juanito Noguera received from his parents, Pep and Tona.

The inheritance consisted of land, located by the sea, which was “de adarce”, where only water melons and the “muscatel”  (local grape variety) could be cultivated, and a little house.

Back in the sixties, the posidonia meadows (queen plant of the Mediterranean sea, named after Poseidon, God of the seas), which are extended through out the front of the property, attracted a large amount of different varieties of marine life, which, at the same time, attracted – and still does – lots of fishing lovers.

If we add this fact to Juanito´s   special ability for making  friends, and his wife  Rosa´s  inimitable quality as a perfect hostess (capable of  turning  any occasion into an irresistible food feast), it´s not surprising that their little house became a regular stop for anyone visiting the area, enjoying the views, and  who would care for couple of cazallas (local liqueur) , an octopustapa,  and a piece of bread with a touch of olive oil, all served directly out of one of the house windows.

In the meantime, the first tourists started to arrive, seeking sun and lovely beaches, and the Noguera family started to seriously consider the viability of opening a business in their house. To achieve this plan though, they needed money.

That is why they decided to sell the family´s bakery, and emigrate. It was Juanito and Rosa and their daughters who decided to go to France, so that one day they could return and manage to open a restaurant in the house which was the start of everything.  When they, not without a lot of effort, hard work and dedication, allowed the family business to prosper and grow.

However, the restaurant was rented out in 1987 and the hostel in 1989. In the year 2001, the family, with renewed blood and strength, decided to aventure, once more, on taking over the rooms again, reforming them and continue with the family business. This is how, at the end of the summer of 2005, the Noguera´s  reopened the doors of their business, with idea of creating a residential hotel. During the reforming of the old hostel, we have made sure to refurbish the establishment with the maximum commodities to meet the ever more demanding needs of clients. The Noguera Mar Hotel has the sea as an endless guarantee, and it´s guarantor is its team, ready to offer  a personal and friendly attention, making sure that  the client , at all time, feels  at home.